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Heavy Tow ECM Exchange incl. Hardware & Credits - Duramax L5P (17-19)

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Sku: MO-116003010604

We do not recommend this product bundle which is sold by some other companies. Instead we recommend that you purchase our Modified ECM Purchase by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s Why. With the exchange program, you removed your vehicle's factory ECM and ship it to HP Tuner's ECM Modification department. The ECM is then modified and then shipped back to you. While this is happening, you can’t use your truck, and we’ve seen people waiting 3 to 8 weeks for all this to happen. During the processing time your vehicle will not be able to operate because it will not have an ECM in it to run.

Pay $849 USD more, we ship you an HP Tuners Modified ECM within 48 hours to flash our tunes. You keep your existing unmodified ECM which is really important if you want to trade your vehicle in the future, or bring it in for service at the dealer.

We don’t sell this product, and showed it for comparison and explanation purposes. CLICK HERE to check out our modified ECM purchase instead.

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Motor Ops L5P Single Tune   + $1,181.71 CAD
2017 - 2019 L5P ECM Exchange Service   + $833.33 CAD

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Heavy Tow ECM Exchange incl. Hardware & Credits - Duramax L5P (17-19)
Heavy Tow ECM Exchange incl. Hardware & Credits - Duramax L5P (17-19)

In stock


    Heavy Tow Tune

    • For those towing any load up to GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
    • + 90 RWHP, + 120 ft-lbs torque over factory
    • Wide Torque curve to improve drive-ability while towing
    • Perfect balance of sport driving & functionality
    • Unhook and enjoy a sportier drive

    Included in Our Price

    ECM Exchange Program (Engine Control Module)

    • Remove your ECM and ship to HP Tuners
    • HP Tuners modifies and ships back to you
    • Process can take 3 to 8 weeks
    • Once re-installed you can flash our tunes

    HP Tuners MPVI2 Hardware

    • Bluetooth, Expansion Port, Mobile Device Support
    • Read your engine, Write our tested Tunes, Drive better
    • VCM (Vehicle Control Module) Editor, Scanner and USB cables
    • Most powerful scanning, diagnostic and logging

    8 HP Universal Credits

    CAN Communication Harness

    • used when exhaust sensors are disconnected
    • communicates with the fuel tank level
    • re-establishes communication between ECM & fuel tank components

    Recommended Options

    Transmission Tuning & TCM Unlock

    • Increased transmission line pressure for holding more HP and torque
    • Revised shift schedule to improve drive-ability
    • Keeps the truck on top of the turbo
    • Improved shift timing
    • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
    • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more directly
    • Modified TCM Unlock Hardware
    • 4 required HP Universal Credits
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