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Motor Ops 2001 to 2010 Duramax Auto Cal

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Tunes, Diagnostic Tool, and Scan tool all on one device.

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You need tunes that match your truck. Motor Ops has spent countless hours fine tuning these calibrations so your truck performs to its highest potential. This product comes with five tunes, hardware that is both a diagnostic and scan tool, and a DSP5 switch. The tunes included with this product are:

1) Refined Stock

2) Tow Tune 8,000+ lbs

3) Tow Tune Up to 8,000 lbs

4) Economy Tune

5) Race Tune

*DPF Delete - Race Use Only. This product does support emissions removal for trucks that are intended to be used for race use only. It is the responsibility of the customer to know their local laws, and adhere to them. Motor Ops is not responsible for the fraudulent use of this product.

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