Dodge Ram 2019-20 Cummins Tuning Now Available & What to Expect

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

We’ve been getting a lot of questions asking us when our 2019 Cummins tuning will be available. That time is now.

These trucks are pretty mean. They’ve got a beautiful new interior layout and to celebrate a 30-year partnership with Ram trucks, the latest 6.7 Cummins turbo diesel has the most horsepower and torque ever.

And after our tuning, even more power is delivered right to the rear wheels.

Remember, the calibrations you buy from Motor Ops are created by us after designing and testing them on our own vehicles.

I’ve put roughly 20,000 kilometers on our work vehicle here in factory form. So I know the ins and outs of all the shortcomings that the factory calibration has in it.

I’ve done a lot of towing with it, both light and heavy. I’ve done a lot of towing in various conditions, whether it’s flat land towing or elevation towing, towing up steep grades.

So I have a really good pulse on how the truck runs and how it needs to improve or how it needs to run better.

What can you expect after installing our 2019 Cummins 6.7 tune?

A lot, actually.

Better Throttle Response

While Cummins has implemented a lot of new things on the 2019 Dodge Ram, the reasons for tuning remain largely the same as 2013-18 Cummins diesel models, depending on which transmission you have.

If you have a 2019 Ram 2500, then you’ll definitely have the 68RFE six-speed auto transmission. If you have a 2019 Ram 3500 Cummins, then you could have either the 68RFE or the Aisin transmission, which only comes in the high-output version of the 2019 Ram 3500.

As mentioned before, the 68RFE trucks have been increased to 370 horsepower and 850 ft. lbs of torque, and you can improve things even further with our 68RFE transmission tuning.

But with these 68RFE-equipped trucks, the power delivery just isn’t as quick as you’d expect. As you hit the throttle, you have a delay, and it doesn’t respond as quickly as you’d hoped.

With tuning we’re going to improve that response time to respond quicker, almost predicting what you want it to do.

As you lean into the throttle after tuning, the torque converter clutch will lock up, it’s going to hunker down and put the torque right to the tires.

Improved Drivability

On earlier model ram pickup trucks and untuned trucks, you’ll experience an excessive clunky feeling while shifting.

With an improved torque converter lockup schedule from our Cummins tuning, it’s also going to stay locked through the shift, so as you drive you won’t feel it unlock on the shift.

The result? Better shift quality without clunking and better ability to hold a gear.

As a bonus, we’ve had some customers report better fuel mileage in the 2019 6.7 Cummins. Depending on your setup and your driving style you can increase your fuel economy dramatically. I’ve seen my fuel economy improve over 5 mpg in perfect cruising situations.

Showing the exterior white body of a 2019 Dodge Ram Cummins pickup truck.

Increased power output without sacrificing reliability

Improved throttle response and better drivability are great, don’t get me wrong.

But we know that one of the biggest reasons you’d want to tune your 6.7L Cummins truck is to get more power.

And if more power is what you’re after, one of our Cummins tunes will certainly do the trick.

So, how do we do it?

With a simple-to-install module, we’re able to customize and program your Dodge truck’s performance for various driving situations, based on our years of experience tuning all kinds of Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke diesel pickup trucks.

One of the things we do is widen and fatten your truck’s torque curve to get you more power, but within safe temperature and air-to-fuel ratios to avoid damaging your truck. ,

The result?

A truck that’s not only more fun to drive, but more versatile by adapting to different driving scenarios you’ll encounter.

In fact, whether you have Ram 2500 or the high-output 3500 version, simply installing a tune will enable you to push your truck north of 500 RWHP in a safe and reliable manner.

EZ Lynk and EFI Live 2019-20 Cummins Tuning

Our tuning for the 2019 Dodge Cummins will be available on two of our favorite diesel tuning platforms: EZ Lynk and EFI live.

For the do it yourself guy, EZ Lynk is certainly the route to go. EZ Lynk has developed a bypass cable that is very, very simple to install into the truck. It also comes with a very nice, modern interface.


You can use your cell phone to data log, communicate with the technician, which is us. You can also watch real time on a whole long list of PIDs and you can fetch your tunes whenever you want to. It’s really a really, really nice package to go with.

Our 2019 Cummins tuning will also be available on EFI Live. EFI Live is a very established company. Some of you may have used it on some of your older trucks in the past.

Wrap Up

The 2019 has made a whole bunch of improvements, like the new interior layout and added power I mentioned earlier, but other subtle things like making the engine almost 60 pounds lighter, the largest intercooler ever in a RAM diesel pickup, and a new fuel delivery system.

So if you’re interested in getting the Cummins tuning, give us a shout. Our sales guys will get you set up with all of the tuning components that you need in order to install the 2019 Cummins tuning in your truck.

They’ll be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. If you decide you want to purchase it. We’ll get things boxed up and shipped down to you. We typically ship five days a week. We can reach anyone in the United States within five days of shipping time.

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

Steve is the owner and general manager of Motor Ops and has been involved in the diesel pickup truck tuning space for over 10 years.

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