What’s the Best 6.7 Powerstroke Tuner? We Found the Answer

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

Outdoor photo of a white Ford 6.7 Powerstroke diesel pickup truck

After countless hours of refinement, we have successfully set the bar for tuning the latest generation of the Ford Powerstroke. Motor Ops is able to provide 28 more dyno tested rear wheel horsepower at peak and 70 HP more than the competition at the redline!

A tune is one of the best ways to increase the horsepower of your 6.7 Powerstroke, which is why we spent so much time perfecting ours.

Overcoming the torque limitations of the factory calibration gives us the ability to make more peak power and more average horsepower under the curve while using a significantly more conservative tuning strategy. For the consumer this has many benefits. Lower exhaust gas temperatures, lower cylinder pressures, increased efficiency and most importantly, improved reliability.

The increase in power is complemented by our 6R140 transmission tuning. Perfect driveability is achieved by maintaining factory shift characteristics at part throttle then ramping up line pressure and using a more aggressive converter lockup strategy under heavy load providing firm, positive shifts when you need it. Maintaining comfort when you don’t

Some of the key features that set us apart in our development of our 2017 to 2018 Powerstroke tunes:

      • We deliver ~570 RWHP peak power that holds full fuel rate right to redline
      • We use substantially less timing to achieve more power than our competitors which means less strain on engine components
      • A transmission calibration that is operates in perfect harmony; delivering firm shifts and line pressure when you need it and and smooth shifts at light throttle when cruising or in city traffic to optimize fuel economy and comfort

Before we continue, as a professional courtesy, the competitors that are listed below will not be named. All data was collected on the same dyno, on the same truck, under the same testing conditions.

Now let us put our money where our mouth is. Here is a dyno graph showing our race tune vs the stock calibration. Notice the peak of 568 horsepower/ 1278 ft. lbs of torque and how the horsepower continues to consistently hold through the power range.

We have bench-marked the leading competitor’s tuning and can faithfully say that we have raised the bar, SUBSTANTIALLY. Don’t believe it? We’ll prove it with the data below.

In this dyno graph you can see our tune (in Blue) peak at 568rwhp and held strong right until the end of the pull. That equates into a 28HP gain over our competition at peak, and almost 70HP at redline! These are real world numbers that will put you ahead of the pack!

A tuning graph that shows the results of a tune of a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke diesel pickup truck.

Here is what is going on in a data log comparison. Below you will see a data log of our tunes running on our Race Tune. The image below points out that how our tune holds a fuel rate consistently across the whole pull on the dyno (hence our consistent peak power delivery).

A tuning graph that shows the results of a tune of a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke diesel pickup truck.

Now the image below shows how our competitors tuning makes it to their peak fuel rate momentarily and then quickly falls off at 2650 RPM (hence the quick power curve decline in our competitors tuning).

A tuning graph that shows the results of a tune of a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke diesel pickup truck.

So, what should you take away with this data that we have provided you with?

  1. If you are looking for the industry leading tune that delivers consistent peak power AND maintains reliability, look no further than Motor Ops.
  2. Motor Ops has vested countless man hours into making this calibration available to the market. We only release calibration support once we have completely conquered the platform in question.
  3. We advertise proven power gains you can rely on; our competitors work speaks for itself
  4. This tune is the new benchmark in the 2017 – 2018 6.7L Powerstroke performance tuning.
Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

Steve is the owner and general manager of Motor Ops and has been involved in the diesel pickup truck tuning space for over 10 years.

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