Which Diesel Tuning Platform is Best for My Truck?

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

The question often comes up when we are talking to customers on the phone: “What tuning platform do you recommend?” and the answer is usually a little more complicated than just an answer.

The truth is that of the three great tuning platforms we offer at Motor Ops (EZLynk, MM3, and EFI Live) each platform offers a unique set of features. Our job is to figure out what features will match up and serve each customer most appropriately. Here is an overview of some key features on each platform that may make the purchasing decision easier for you.


EZLynk is one of the newer platforms available on the market. EZLynk can be used to program 2011 to 2016 Duramax trucks, 2010 to 2018 6.7L Cummins trucks, and 2011 to 2018 6.7L Powerstroke trucks.

Customers that choose EZLynk connect the EZLynk Auto Agent (seen in the picture below) to connect to their vehicle and then use a smartphone or tablet that is either iOS or Android based to retrieve their tunes from the tuning company’s cloud account and then load into their vehicle.

After the calibration is loaded the customer can then use their smartphone or tablet to communicate and watch their vehicle’s PIDs in real-time. Additionally, you can record data, go back and watch, or submit the datalog to your selected tuning company all right on the EZLynk App. This platform truly brings together all of today’s latest technology to simplify the tune loading, datalogging and communication with your chosen tuning company.


MM3 is also another relatively fresh tuning platform to the market. The MM3 platform offers custom tuning support for 1998.5 to 2018 Cummins Trucks. For those of you with a 2013 or newer truck this platform turns the pesky ECM unlock and programming procedure into a piece of cake and does it in less than half the time of its competitors. Not only does this platform offer speed but, from our experience, it also offers the most stable programming sequence.

When customers receive their MM3 unit they connect it to the vehicle and read their factory calibration out. They then send that file to the tuning company in charge of their tuning. The tuning company then emails back the customer’s tunes that are transferred onto the MM3 memory card and then loaded into the truck.  The MM3 itself is a 4.3 inch touch display monitor with the fastest PID refresh speed, the ability to switch your tune on the fly, the ability to easily data log, and has the option for an external EGT sensor.


EFI Live has been around in the Duramax world for quite some time and has been in the Cummins world since about 2011. They are well-known across the industry for providing a great interface and editing software that allows tuners deliver custom calibrations to customers all over.

EFI Live supports 2001 to 2016 Duramax trucks, 2006 to 2017 6.7L Cummins trucks, a wide range of GM gas cars and trucks, and they have just begun supporting the Heavy Duty market as well.

It is no doubt that EFI Live has owned the Duramax custom tuning market for quite a while. The EFI Live Auto Cal, which is a hand-held device, makes it possible for consumers to load full calibrations into their vehicles by simply clicking a few buttons. The Auto Cal also has the ability to data-log vehicles, store the information, and then review it in detail on a computer.

Just as we said before, each platform that Motor Ops offers to customers has a unique set of characteristics and features. Your purchasing decision should match the comfort level you have with technology. Think through what features you value and what features you can see yourself using on a regular basis.

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd

Steve is the owner and general manager of Motor Ops and has been involved in the diesel pickup truck tuning space for over 10 years.

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