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Duramax L5P Tuning (2017-2021)

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L5P (2017 - 2021)

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Duramax L5P Tuning (2017-2023)

Improve the performance of your 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023 Duramax L5P.

In 2017 GM introduced the L5P Duramax engine to their 2500 and 3500 pickup vehicles. The L5P boasted significant improvements in engine design over its predecessor, the LML Duramax engine. The L5P Duramax features a redesigned DPF, SCR, DEF and EGR system, a significant increase in OEM power over its predecessor, completely redesigned turbo, and various other engine configuration changes.

L5P Switch on the Fly is now available!

L5P Switch on the Fly is available as of February 24, 2021. It's now the smoothest switch on the fly on the market in that it does not require any additional hardware - you flash your tune right from your steering wheel - watch our video for a demonstration. Prior to this you had to flash each tune in using the MPVI3 from your computer for specific use and then do it again if you wanted to change tunes. If you purchased our L5P Single Tune or All Four Pack, you can upgrade from single to the L5P Switch on the Fly by clicking the links below. here. If you're not upgrading and starting fresh, use the drop down selector at the top of the page, choose your hardware choice, then choose switch on the fly.

L5P ECM Tuning

Delete everything else you have heard about L5P tuning; Motor Ops has you covered for all of your L5P custom tuning needs.

Motor Ops originally offered 4 tunes for the L5P: Our original general tow tune (offered as a single and in our 4 pack) optimizes performance to tow up to the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). A wider torque curve improves drive-ability while towing and adds 90 RWHP and 120 ft-lbs of torque. Now that SOTF is offered for L5P, we have a Light and Heavy Tow in the switchable 5 pack.

Sport Economy and Race tunes are designed for off road use and may be restricted where you live. Sport Economy adds 140 RWHP and 300 ft-lbs torque over factory. Race puts your vehicle near the 600 RWHP 1360 ft-lbs mark. In our new switchable 5 pack,we also offer a Hot Street tune that is a good bridge between our sport and race tunes.

Motor Ops tunes are clean running tunes and, in many cases, produce less smoke output than a factory calibration does. Our tow tunes are proven to have EGTs 100F lower than a factory calibration under load. Our tuning achieves market leading power gains without running high timing rates like many other tuners do; in fact, our tuning is within 2* of the OEM timing maps. All of these things will keep your truck on the road and prevent premature wear or engine failure on your L5P.

You’re looking for a Duramax L5P tuner, and our complete tuning packages include HP tuners MPVI3 hardware, a choice of an L5P ECM exchange or a modified ECM purchase, a CAN Communications harness, and required HP tuners universal credits. Box tuners such as banks tuner (derringer) or edge tuner are less expensive options for L5P owners, but after making the investment in your L5P, these box tuners leave a lot on the table in terms of drive-ability, peak power, and reliability. Motor Ops L5P tuning will run smoother, produce more power, have lower exhaust gas temperatures under load, and prove to be more reliable than any box tuner on the market. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

We recommend purchasing an E41 ECM Upgrade kit from us with your order so that you do not need to perform any ECM swap in your vehicle. HP Tuner's new ECM Unlock kit (E41 Upgrade Kit) takes the old and expensive process of swapping your ECM and provides an option for shops and consumers to unlock the ECM within 8 minutes without actually removing the ECM from its factory location. This saves time, money, and the risk of damaging your ECM or any of the ECM connectors. For individuals who want to ensure that they can maintain warrantee with their dealer in the future the ECM swap is still the best option available because this will ensure that your factory ECM does not get altered in any way. We still keep the L5P E41 Unlocked ECMs in stock and ready to ship!


Original All Four Tune Pack Tune Power Gains RWHP, Torque
  Tow + 90 RWHP, + 120 ft-lbs
  Sport Economy + 140 RWHP, +300 ft-lbs
  Race + 210 RWHP, + 500 ft-lbs
  Optimized Stock +15 RWHP, + 10 ft-lbs torque
New Switch on the Fly Heavy Tow + 90 RWHP, + 120 ft-lbs
  Light Tow + 110 RWHP, + 200 ft-lbs
  Sport Economy + 140 RWHP, +300 ft-lbs
  Hot Street + 170 RWHP, +400 ft-lbs
  Race / Max Performance + 210 RWHP, + 500 ft-lbs


L5P TCM Tuning

TCM unlock and transmission tuning is available for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 models. We strongly recommend transmission tuning if you will be using our high performance tunes regularly to avoid premature wear. The L5P Transmission does not handle power above 500 RWHP well without increased line pressure. Our Transmission tuning increases the transmission line pressure which gives the transmission the ability to hold horsepower values up to 600 RWHP. Additionally, the L5P transmission has a calibration that short shifts and keeps the truck a little under the turbo. We extend shift points, refine shift timing, and have redesigned torque converter lockup to improve the drive-ability and response of the vehicle.

TCM Tuning for the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Duramax L5P with the 10 speed transmission is finally available. In order to tune your 10 speed TCM with Motor Ops Tuning you will be required to install an unlocked T93 TCM from HP Tuners. This can be purchased from Motor Ops or directly from HP Tuners. Our TCM tuning for the 2020+ T93 10 speed transmission in the L5P Duramax will completely transform the way that your L5P Duramax delivers power to the rear wheels. The days of lazy shifting, lack of stock transmission holding capacity, and poorly designed torque converter lock up strategy are in the past. 

Motor Ops 10 speed transmission tuning allows you to capture all of the power that your engine is delivering and transfer it to the wheels in the most efficient way possible. 
Over the past few years of tuning the 2020 and newer 6.6L Duramax we have reviewed many datalogs and customer complaints about lack of consistent power or short windows of power delivery. The culprit is the transmission calibration that the factory used. In between shifts the transmission calls for an aggressive torque reduction until the shift has been completed. When this happens 10 times over the course of a run the large gaps in power delivery are extremely noticeable. 
Our transmission tuning has been developed over the course of countless days behind the wheel making very precise changes to keep you on top of the power when you need it while improving the reliability and longevity of your transmission.

The TCM swap is similar to the ECM swap; we recommend that you purchase the modified T87A (2017 to 2019) or T93 (2020 - 2023) TCM from us instead of sending in your OEM TCM and then having your vehicle down for the processing and transit time.

HP Tuners. Why not EFI Live or EZ Lynk for L5P?

We offer custom tuning for the EFI Live and EZ Lynk platforms on a wide variety of vehicles. At this point, HP Tuners offers us the best calibration access for L5P engines which translates into a better performing vehicle for you at a lower price.

What about ECM/TCM Removal, Installation, Dealers?

Using our Modified Purchase, we ship within 48 hours. General knowledge of navigating tuning software is recommended for people installing the tunes and running through HP Tuners installation protocols. However, Motor Ops provides detailed installation instructions and can provide assistance via telephone during our normal hours of operation. We will need a "stock read" from you, and you will always have this bare or bone stock file with your original factory settings. Removing the factory ECM/TCM and installing the HP Tuners Modified ECM / TCM is a very easy process. It can be done with minimal hand tools (10 mm socket and ratchet recommended). Typically the removal and reinstallation of the ECM and TCM takes about 30 minutes on a 2017 to 2019 L5P and about 45 minutes on a 2020 L5P. Many of our customers go to a Motor Ops dealer to have their L5P tuned and have other various performance parts installed. We recommend having someone familiar with tuning software do the installation as it can be a little daunting for someone experimenting with tuning for the first time. Call us and we will recommend a local performance shop if you don't already have one. Motor Ops has over 800 dealers that span across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, and Europe.

What about Warranty work, selling or trading my L5P?

If you need to take your vehicle in for warranty work, we recommend reinstalling your factory ECM and removing any aftermarket parts and reinstalling the factory components. This is why we believe in our purchase rather than exchange of the ECM. If you are going to trade or sell your tuned L5P we recommend calling your dealer or one in the area and getting an idea on what your vehicle value would be if it was tuned and what vehicle value would be if it was stock. Typically dealers are going to give you a much better trade-in value on a vehicle that is completely stock and has the factory ECM installed in it. If you are selling your L5P privately then selling it stock versus tuned really depends on what the local market is calling for. Some quick calls to some used car lots and asking how many diesel pickups they usually have in stock, how quickly they run through them, and if any of them are tuned could provide some great education. Additionally, you can do a quick search through on-line market places, social media, etc. Markets differ quite a bit from area to area and the only right answer is to do some research and figure out what increases your trade-in value or private sale value the most.

Other recommended L5P modifications

We recommend buying the WC Fab 3.5 inch Turbo intake Horn; this product removes a major restriction in the induction system right before the turbo. The outcome is typically lower EGTs, higher power output, and less soot accumulation. We also recommend doing the WC Fab 3 inch intercooler pipe. This is a 1 piece intercooler pipe which reduces the amount of potential boost leak locations and transfers charge air to the intercooler in a better fashion than the factory intercooler pipe does.

Read our Duramax L5P tuning tips blog and contact us by phone for advice before purchasing.

Use the drop down selector at the top of the page to choose your model year and tune selection, and order your Motor Ops L5P tune today! Or call us if you have questions.