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LMM (2007.5 TO 2010)

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Duramax LMM Tuning

Improve the performance of your 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 Duramax LMM.

In mid 2007, GM introduced the LMM into their 2500 and 3500 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup vehicles. Many refer to the LMM transition as the “new body style Duramax” because they were introduced on a half year and, of course, they were a completely new body style for both GMC and Chevy. Some other big changes that were introduced with the LMM was an addition to the emissions system; a DPF (diesel particulate filter) was added to the emissions system. In previous RPOs like the LLY and LBZ the only emissions equipment that was on the vehicles was an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system and a catalytic converter.

We tune many LMMs daily.  Some may be surprised to hear that because the trucks are between 11 and 13 years old and you would assume that they have all already been tuned. We see many people coming to us to upgrade from their current tuning platform or they were unsatisfied with their past tuner - so they come to Motor Ops to get a tune that suits their needs. We also see a lot of first-time diesel buyers that have purchased used LMMs and are looking for a little more power out of the 310 RWHP stock truck.

When GM introduced the LMM into their lineup in 2007.5, it was their first run at consumers having a vehicle equipped with a DPF (diesel particulate filter). Like any other big change to a vehicle configuration this change came with some pains – as many owners experienced the DPFs were prone to cracking, getting leaks in the exhaust gaskets, or clogging from prolonged idling. The DPF would trigger a regeneration (burn-off of particulate matter) once the pressure differential between the pre and post DPF reached its triggering point. The regeneration would happen by commanding additional fuel to be injected which would then ignite on the DPF. Due to the exhaust pressure requirements required to trigger a burn-off you can imagine how detrimental an exhaust leak was to the system.  

How does Motor Ops tuning improve an LMM?

Motor Ops Tuning will deliver unrivaled reliable power and torque delivery. Our tuning creates a more enjoyable driving experience for the operator of the vehicle – meaning that you have power when you want it, a smoothly running vehicle when you don’t need it, exhaust gas temperatures that all operate under the factory parameters, and added features like an exhaust (turbo) brake that make things like towing a much easier task.  

Why are Motor Ops tunes better than competitors for LMM?

Motor Ops has specialized in delivering clean, consistent, and reliable power and torque since the company started. We understand how each engine operates, its shortcomings, and ways of overcoming issues. Our staff are industry enthusiasts and have extensive automotive and programming backgrounds. Not only do we have the know-how to deliver the industry’s most well-rounded tuning, but we also deliver the best customer service, and vehicle advice to accompany the tune.

LMM Switch on the Fly, DSP5

When you have a DSP5 tune (shift on the fly), it has opportunity to adjust the tune based on the scenario. This gives the driver the ability to flip it into a performance tune whenever they want it. Drivers want the most power they can get in each application while maintaining reliability. That’s what Motor Ops delivers with our purpose built shift on the fly (DSP5) tuning.

LMM ECM Tuning

Delete everything else you have heard about LMM tuning; Motor Ops has you covered for all of your LMM custom tuning needs.  

Motor Ops offers 5 tunes for the LMM:  Our Heavy Tow tune optimizes performance to tow up to the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). A wider torque curve improves drive-ability while towing and adds 60 RWHP and 120 ft-lbs of torque over factory.  If you’re looking to tow boats and other lighter payload below 8,000 lbs, our Light Tow tune adds 80 RWHP and 160 ft-lbs of torque. 

Sport Economy and Race tunes are designed for off road use and may be restricted where you live. Sport Economy adds 100 RWHP and 200 ft-lbs torque over factory. Race puts your vehicle near the 430 RWHP mark adding 130 RWHP and 260 ft-lbs of torque.  Optimized Stock is great for regular neighborhood driving adding +10 RWHP and +20 ft-lbs of torque.  Motor Ops LMM tuning will increase the performance of your truck to 430 RWHP and 840 ft-lbs of torque.

Motor Ops tunes are clean running tunes and, in many cases, produce less smoke output than a factory calibration. Our tow tunes are proven to have EGTs 100F lower than a factory calibration under load. Our tuning achieves market leading power gains without running high timing rates like many other tuners do; in fact, our tuning is within 2* of the OEM timing maps. All of these things will keep your truck on the road and prevent premature wear or engine failure on your LMM.

You’re looking for a Duramax LMM tuner, and our complete tuning packages include either EFI Live AutoCal or EZ Lynk AutoAgent.  Box tuners such as banks tuner (derringer) or edge tuner might be less expensive options for LMM owners, but these box tuners leave a lot on the table in terms of drive ability, peak power, and reliability. Motor Ops LMM tuning will run smoother, produce more power, have lower exhaust gas temperatures under load, and prove to be more reliable than any box tuner on the market.  Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

LMM TCM Tuning

Transmission tuning is strongly encouraged for any users going above factory power output. Motor Ops LMM Transmission tuning addresses shift points, shift timing, and torque converter lockup strategy. We are not able to control line pressure on the LB7, LLY, LBZ, or LMM trucks like we do on LML and L5P trucks BUT addressing the shift points, shift timing, and torque converter lockup strategy on LMM trucks does improve the drive-ability drastically; if a user has larger tire size than stock, and aftermarket turbo, or just doesn’t appreciate the way their truck’s transmission operates the transmission tuning will put a smile on their face.

EFI Live for LMM vs EZ Lynk tuner?

Most LMM owners go with EFI Live because EFI Live has developed DSP (Duramax switchable programming) which is also commonly referred to as switch on the fly. On EZ Lynk for LMM, we currently only offer single tunes.

EFI Live Auto Cal V3 follows a more traditional tuning sequence where the tuning company such as Motor Ops loads their tunes onto the EFI Live Auto Cal and the user simply plugs the EFI Live Auto Cal into the OBD2 port and the tune is loaded in using the EFI Live Auto Cal to carry out the commands.  We also provide simple instructions and support for EFI installations.

EZ Lynk is a cloud based tuning platform where “Technicians” (tuners) provide clients with access to their tunes via the EZ Lynk Cloud. The EZ Lynk Auto Agent 2 allows the user or installer to fetch the tune from their cloud after they have purchased the tune. Users connect the Auto Agent to the OBD2 port and connect to the Auto Agent using their Android or iOS phone or tablet. The user can then use their phone or tablet as a digital gauge display and as a programming device. We provide simple instructions and support.

Should I have a dealer do my tuning?

Maybe half of our customers go to a Motor Ops dealer to have their LMM tuned and have other various performance parts installed if they are uncomfortable doing in themselves.  Tuning an LMM on EFI Live or on EZ Lynk is a very simple process and there are tons of resources available to the DIY guys.  Call us and we will recommend a local performance shop if you don't already have one.  Motor Ops has over 800 dealers that span across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, and Europe.

What about Warranty work, selling or trading my LMM?

If you need to take your vehicle in for warranty work, we recommend removing any aftermarket parts and reinstalling the factory components and resetting to near factory calibrations.  If you are going to trade or sell your tuned LMM we recommend calling your dealer or one in the area and getting an idea on what your vehicle value would be if it were tuned and what vehicle value would be if it were stock.  Typically, dealers are going to give you a much better trade-in value on a vehicle that is completely stock. If you are selling your LMM privately then selling it stock versus tuned really depends on what the local market is calling for. Some quick calls to some used car lots and asking how many diesel pickups they usually have in stock, how quickly they run through them, and if any of them are tuned could provide some great education. Additionally, you can do a quick search through on-line marketplaces, social media, etc. Markets differ quite a bit from area to area and the only right answer is to do some research and figure out what increases your trade-in value or private sale value the most.

Other recommended LMM modifications

  • TransGo shift kit – helps apply higher line pressure to the transmission which helps improve the holding capacity of the Allison transmission.
  • FASS Lift pump – provides additional fuel filtration and relieves stress on the CP3 injection pump.

Contact us by phone for advice during business hours about any aftermarket modifications and how it might affect tuning and the performance of your vehicle.  Our expert sales and support staff will guide you through the process of making the right selections for your LMM.

Use the drop down selector at the top of the page to choose your model year and tune selection, and order your Motor Ops LMM tune today! Or call us if you have questions.