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Switch on the Fly Tune Only Powerstroke (2020-2021)

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Instantly choose between light towing, heavy towing, race, sport economy and optimized stock for your 2020 and 2021 Ford F250, F350, F450, F550. The Powerstroke Switch is added to make your tunes switchable on the fly. Hardware and credits are optional (if you already own them), but required to perform ECM tuning.

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$1,649.98 CAD

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Switch on the Fly Tune Only Powerstroke (2020-2021)
Switch on the Fly Tune Only Powerstroke (2020-2021)

In stock


    Switch On The Fly (5 Tunes).

    Switch between Light Tow, Heavy Tow, Sport Economy, Race or Optimized Stock (described below inclusions).  Switch tunes from position 1 to 5 using your swithch on the fly dial.

    The BlackOps tuner has the ability to unlock and flash you stock PCM! Avoid the hassles of shipping it to us or bench flashing!


    • For towing from 8,000lbs up to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
    • Wider torque curve assists heavy loads
    • + 40 RWHP, + 70 ft-lbs torque (515 RWHP, 1120 ft-lbs)
    • Exhaust temperatures drop up to 100F under full load


    • For those towing below 8,000lbs
    • Perfect balance of sport driving & functionality
    • Designed for weekend tower, boats, small tractors, etc
    • Unhook and enjoy a sportier drive
    • + 60 RWHP, + 110 ft-lbs torque (535 RWHP, 1160 ft-lbs)


    • Fun “unloaded” daily driving
    • For driving around town, highways
    • Impress your friends
    • Put a smile on your face
    • + 100 RWHP, +200 ft-lbs torque
    • Puts your vehicle near the 575 RWHP mark, 1230 ft-lbs


    • Maxes out the factory fuel system
    • +125 RWHP, +220 ft-lbs torque (595-600 RWHP, 1270-1280 ft-lbs)
    • Recommend transmission tune to avoid premature wear
    • If you drive responsibly, can use Performance as you would Sport Economy


    • + 10 RWHP, + 25 ft-lbs torque (485 RWHP, 1050 ft-lbs)
    • Leaves factory rev limit in place

    How it works

    • Unlock your PCM with MotorOps Black Ops Tuner. No need to remove your PCM for 2020 and 2021 Powerstroke 6.7L trucks. 
    • TCM Tuning is required and you can install this yourself using the Black Ops Tuner that we ship directly to you.

    Required Options

    MotorOps Black Ops Tuner

    • Inexpensive compared to other platforms
    • Read your engine, Write our tested Tunes, Drive better
    • No need to remove your PCM
    • No Downtime
    • Comes with Required Cables

    8 Credits to unlock and flash your PCM