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Transmission Tuning for Diesel Pickup Trucks

When you tune your ECM (engine control module) and drive above factory power levels, you increase the wear and tear on the transmission. Without transmission tuning to match, you risk lowering the life of your transmission, and the more performance you demand from your truck, the more important transmission tuning is.

In general, we summarize the benefits of transmission tuning as;

  • Increased transmission line pressure for holding more HP and torque
  • Revised shift schedule to improve drive-ability
  • Keeps the truck on top of the turbo
  • Improved shift timing
  • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
  • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more directly

Motor Ops transmission tuning allows for a more direct transfer of power to the ground and improves the holding capabilities of the transmission. Under light throttle or cruising conditions your transmission will shift much like it does from the factory – no big jerks or rough shifting. As you increase throttle input, the transmission will give you crisp and precise shifts, lock the converter at the optimal time, and transfer all the power the engine is producing and put it right to your tires – where you need it.

If you have already tuned your truck with a Motor Ops ECM tune, you can purchase transmission tuning by selecting your vehicle above.  Whatever hardware you used before (EFI Live, EZ Lynk, HP Tuners, MM3) will be used again with no additional license fees, tokens, or credits needed.

Motor Ops specializes in Duramax Allison transmission tuning, and the Cummins 68RFE transmission tuning.