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Duramax L5P EGR Kit (2020-2023)

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Only for sale in Canada except for Ontario. Any orders placed from the US or Ontario will be refunded and not shipped. Motor Ops L5P 2020 + Delete Kit differs from our competitors in that we include all OEM coolant connection components to prevent leaking.

The EGR on a vehicle is an emissions reduction technique that circulates exhaust from the passenger side up-pipe into the EGR cooler. The extreme heat in the exhaust the EGR system have been known to rupture the coolant fins running through it. Once a coolant line ruptures, the coolant quickly passes through the cooler and into the Y-bridge where it then enters the engine intake and causes catastrophic damage and a hefty repair bill. Removing the EGR off of the vehicle prevents that scenario from ever happening post installation of our kit.

$649.99 CAD

2020 + L5P Delete Kit (only sold in Canada, outside Ontario)

  • Designed to remove the EGR from the Duramax L5P engine 2020, 2021
  • Click here for 2017-19 L5P delete kit
  • EGR is removed from the passenger side manifold
  • No Up Pipe involved - much easier to remove than earlier models
  • Weekend hobby mechanics should do this in about 3hrs
  • Or, ask your favourite diesel shop outside Ontario to install

Prevent Coolant Leaks with Motor Ops L5P Delete Kit

  • Includes all OEM coolant connection components
  • One of these components is expensive if purchased separately
  • Prevents coolant leaks after deleting & installation
  • Cheaper options in the market do not include coolant connection components or lower quality components

Ships same business day

For 2020, 2021 Duramax Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra