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    Our in-house custom tuning library for the 2007.5 - 2016 Duramax , 2010-2020 6.7L Cummins, and now 2011-2019 6.7L Powestroke has been successfully migrated to the EZ LYNK platform, bringing EZ LYNK users a fresh option. Our focus is to bring Motor Ops quality tuning, customer service, reliability to EZ LYNK. Motor Ops tunes are all developed in house and sold exclusively by Motor Ops. We are tuners with years of experience in developing and supporting these files. Our focus is providing clean running, performance oriented tunes with driveability and proven reliability. The EZ LYNK AutoAgent connects to the vehicles via the OBDII-port and broadcasts a Wi-Fi access point (AP) which allows a wireless connection to the vehicle using any iOS or Android device. By launching the free EZ LYNK application on an iOS or Android device, engine data is seamlessly streamed to the phone or other smart devices. The EZ LYNK AutoAgent also has the capability to reflash vehicle system controllers with ECU profiles shared by our Motor Ops in-house technicians. The end-user can conveniently share data logs and other vehicle information to any Motor Ops technician with the touch of a finger without even leaving the driver seat. Data logs can be quickly started and stopped from the main gauge display screen and bookmarks can be added to draw interest to the specific points of a data log if desired. The benefits to EZ LYNK tuning is the power of efficiency the consumer gets to in the palm of their hand. Plugs into your vehicle's on-board diagnostic II port and relays data to your phone. Your technician sends you software updates for your vehicle's computers. The update can be installed without having to bring your vehicle to your repair facility. Easily send data to any technician for instantaneous assistance with your vehicle. Live Data: Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Playback 30 minutes of data. Your technician can login to EZ LYNK's cloud server and connect to your vehicle almost as if they were riding with you. You can use your smartphone to quickly view live data as it streams from your vehicle. The EZLYNK Dashboard conveniently displays information not available on your factory instrument panel. A list of some of the more popular Gauge Options RPM’s (revolutions per minute) Speed (MPH or KM/H) Boost Pressure (PSI or Bar) Engine Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) Injector Pressure (kPSI or Bar) Injector Pulse Width (ms) Transmission Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) Calculated Load (Percent %) Injection Qty (mm3) Torque Converter Slip (RPM) Output Shaft Speed (RPM) DPF Soot Load (Percent %) Mass Air Flow (G/S) EGR Valve Position (Percent %) Turbo Vain Position (Percent %) Barometric Pressure (PSI or Bar) Transmission Line Pressure (PSI or Bar) Air Intake Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) Engine Oil Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) Ambient Air Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) Battery Voltage (Volts) Engine Load (Percent %) Exhaust Manifold Pressure (PSI or Bar) Main Injection Timing (Degree Before Top Dead Center) Throttle Position (Percent %) Engine Coolant Temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius)
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