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Duramax LML Tuning (2011-2016)

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LML (2011 TO 2016)

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Duramax LML Tuning

Improve the performance of your 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 Duramax LML.

In 2011 GM introduced the LML into their 2500 and 3500 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup vehicles. The LML was a significant improvement over its predecessor (LMM). Major improvements in the LML were its power output; it boasted 360 to 380 rear wheel horsepower in factory form which is approximately a 20% increase in power over the predecessor. GM also introduced a new Allison Transmission model into the lineup with the LML – the Allison 1000. This transmission was a much-more “stout” transmission than the previous 6 speed transmission used in the LMM. The Allison 1000 allowed the aftermarket world to explore the limits of the stock turbo system without having immediate issues with transmission reliability. Possibly the most beneficial part of the Allison 1000 transmission was the electronic line pressure control which allowed tuners to adjust and control line pressure on the transmission which means that tuners can make the Allison 1000 hold even more power than it already could in factory form.

The LML featured a number of other technical upgrades such as a new emissions system – GM introduced an aftertreatment system that included DOC, SCR, DEF, DPF. This made the LML emissions system much more reliable and very efficient over the previous LMM emissions system. Other technical upgrades and changes in the LML included a new high pressure fuel system which included a CP4 injection pump and piezo injectors, slightly modified VGT turbo, and improved piston design.

Some of the shortcomings of the LML included some of the aspects that they had believed to be an upgrade. If you have searched around the LML aftermarket forums you will have undoubtable seen the long list of people that have issues with the CP4 injection pump. This pump has had issues right from the beginning to the end of LMLs. The injection pump was prone to internal failure and sending debris downrange of the pump with ended up ruining the entire fuel system. Many have remedied this issue with a LML CP3 conversion on their truck.

LML Switch on the Fly

Many LML owners benefit from switch on the fly power levels where you can toggle between 5 different power levels instantaneously using a rotary switch. After the SOTF tune has been installed in the vehicle this switch is wired into the ECM harness and mounted at the user’s favoured location in the cab of the vehicle.

If you purchased our LML Single Tune or Individual Tune Pack, you can upgrade from single to the LML Switch on the Fly by clicking the links below. If you're not upgrading and starting fresh, use the drop down selector at the top of the page, choose your hardware choice, then choose switch on the fly.

LML ECM Tuning

Delete everything else you have heard about LML tuning; Motor Ops has you covered for all of your LML custom tuning needs.

Motor Ops offers 5 tunes for the LML: Our Heavy Tow tune optimizes performance to tow up to the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). A wider torque curve improves drive-ability while towing and adds 40 RWHP and 80 ft-lbs of torque. If you’re looking to tow boats and other lighter payload below 8,000 lbs, our Light Tow tune adds 60 RWHP and 120 ft-lbs of torque.

Sport Economy and Race tunes are designed for off road use and may be restricted where you live. Sport Economy adds 110 RWHP and 260 ft-lbs torque over factory. Race puts your vehicle near the 530 RWHP mark. Optimized Stock is great for regular neighborhood driving.

Tune Power Gains RWHP, Torque
Optimized Stock +10-15 RWHP, + 30-40 ft-lbs torque
Heavy Tow + 40 RWHP, + 80ft-lbs
Light Tow + 60 RWHP, + 120 ft-lbs
Sport Economy + 110 RWHP, +200 ft-lbs
Race / Max Performance + 140 RWHP, + 260ft-lbs


Motor Ops tunes are clean running tunes and, in many cases, produce less smoke output than a factory calibration. Our tow tunes are proven to have EGTs 100F lower than a factory calibration under load. Our tuning achieves market leading power gains without running high timing rates like many other tuners do; in fact, our tuning is within 2* of the OEM timing maps. All of these things will keep your truck on the road and prevent premature wear or engine failure on your LML.

You’re looking for a Duramax LML tuner, and our complete tuning packages include either EFI Live AutoCal or EZ Lynk AutoAgent. Box tuners such as banks tuner (derringer) or edge tuner are less expensive options for LML owners, but after making the investment in your LML, these box tuners leave a lot on the table in terms of drive-ability, peak power, and reliability. Motor Ops LML tuning will run smoother, produce more power, have lower exhaust gas temperatures under load, and prove to be more reliable than any box tuner on the market. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

LML TCM Tuning

Transmission tuning is strongly encouraged for any users going above factory power output. Motor Ops LML Transmission tuning includes refined shift points, improved shift timing, refined torque converter lockup strategy, and most importantly – increased line pressure for holding additional power output.

EFI Live vs EZ Lynk for your LML tuner?

There are a few different programming options for LMLs – the two main platforms that most users chose are either EZ Lynk or EFI Live. Both platforms offer a very reliable but offer a bit of a different experience to the user. It is important to note that the quality of the tune from one platform to the other will be identical.

EZ Lynk is a cloud based tuning platform where “Technicians” (tuners) provide clients with access to their tunes via the EZ Lynk Cloud. The EZ Lynk Auto Agent 2 allows the user or installer to fetch the tune from their cloud after they have purchased the tune. Users connect the Auto Agent to the OBD2 port and connect to the Auto Agent using their Android or iOS phone or tablet. The user can then use their phone or tablet as a digita

l gauge display and as a programming device. We provide simple instructions and support.

EFI Live Auto Cal V3 follows a more traditional tuning sequence where the tuning company such as Motor Ops loads their tunes onto the EFI Live Auto Cal and the user simply plugs the EFI Live Auto Cal into the OBD2 port and the tune is loaded in using the EFI Live Auto Cal to carry out the commands. We also provide simple instructions and support for EFI installations.

Should I have a dealer do my tuning?

Many of our customers go to a Motor Ops dealer to have their LML tuned and have other various performance parts installed if they are uncomfortable doing in themselves. Call us and we will recommend a local performance shop if you don't already have one. Motor Ops has over 800 dealers that span across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, and Europe.

What about Warranty work, selling or trading my LML?

If you need to take your vehicle in for warranty work, we recommend removing any aftermarket parts and reinstalling the factory components and resetting to near factory calibrations. If you are going to trade or sell your tuned LML we recommend calling your dealer or one in the area and getting an idea on what your vehicle value would be if it were tuned and what vehicle value would be if it were stock. Typically, dealers are going to give you a much better trade-in value on a vehicle that is completely stock. If you are selling your LML privately then selling it stock versus tuned really depends on what the local market is calling for. Some quick calls to some used car lots and asking how many diesel pickups they usually have in stock, how quickly they run through them, and if any of them are tuned could provide some great education. Additionally, you can do a quick search through on-line marketplaces, social media, etc. Markets differ quite a bit from area to area and the only right answer is to do some research and figure out what increases your trade-in value or private sale value the most.

Other recommended LML modifications

When GM introduced the LML engine to their 2500 and 3500 series pickup trucks in 2011 they gave the truck a completely new fuel system. While the fuel system in the LML trucks do deliver significant gains over the LMM Duramax one significant short comings of the fuel system is the reliability of the CP4 or CP4.2 Injection Pump. The CP4 and CP4.2 Injection pump has been known to have a high rate of internal failure. When the failure does occur, it will typically send metal debris downstream into the injectors and then recirculates it back to the fuel tank. The end-result - a truck that needs a completely new fuel system. If the vehicle is not covered by warranty the bill for new parts and installation is typically upwards of $8,000. The LML CP3 conversion kit removes the issue prone CP4 or CP4.2 injection pump and replaces it with the reliable CP3 injection pump.

Using an Exergy Sportsman CP3 injection pump will allow tuners to push the peak power level of the LML up marginally on a stock turbo application and in a modified VGT turbo application or twin turbo setup it allows tuners to push the LML up to the limits of the factory injectors.

If you have plans of doing larger injectors and a twin turbo or modified VGT turbo setup on your LML we strongly recommend using the Exergy 10 mm Stroker CP3 Injection Pump. The 10 mm Stroker CP3 Injection pump will provide sufficient fuel delivery for up to 800 RWHP with properly matched injectors and air delivery.

Contact us by phone for advice during business hours about any aftermarket modifications and how it might affect tuning and the performance of your vehicle. Our expert sales and support staff will guide you through the process of making the right selections for your LML.

Use the drop down selector at the top of the page to choose your model year and tune selection, and order your Motor Ops LML tune today! Or call us if you have questions.